Chris & Simon Wedding Clip Template

Rutland Photographic asked us to create a memorable reminder of Chris & Simon's wedding day. The Wedding Clip template. A beautiful emotional wedding event or anniversary video. A great love story, just select your pictures or videos and let create a beautiful memory that you can share with your family and friends forever.

Claire & Simon Wedding - The Loft

The Loft. A beautiful template which creates an amazing atmosphere to show off your wonderful photos.

Nataliya & David Wedding - The Card Dance

Rutland Photographic asked us at to create an upbeat version of a Wedding video. This project is perfect for promos, commercials and much more.

Noel & Lisa Wedding - Remember Me

Rutland Photographic took these amazing photos of Noel & Lisa's wedding. We at had the perfect video template to display them in a way that Noel & Lisa could keep forever and share with their family & friends. The Remember Me Template.